The WSOK program is designed for evaluation of executed patrols, which are in the form of simple information about the date, time and code of identification chip (checkpoint, chip of guardian ) data transmitted from the chip. If the user during installation precisely set all the inserted data into  databases, then the program shows clear information about the names of the various control points, including the name or guardian, who did his rounds.

When you enter a patrol routes, the software is able to automatically evaluate the correctness of conducted patrol. All output data in addition to the program is ready to provide outputs to the screen and printed version of the required reports.

Program WSOK can use automatic data evaluation of executed patrols in time and sequence. Pre-setting of the patrol passing method by supervisor in the WSOK program can be easily detected errors in the work carried out by guards within a few seconds without lengthy detailed viewing.

Required computer hardware and operating system

WSOK program is designed for Windows 95 and higher (up to Windows 7 64bit). In principle, the program (particularly in the chip load) is faster, the higher is the configuration of your PC. For smooth running of the program is recommended to install the program on the PC.

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